The Hub Markets

The Hub Markets are organised and operated by the Lions Club of Manning River on the third Saturday of every month at the Wingham Showgrounds, 1274 Gloucester Rd, Wingham NSW 2429 from 8:00am to 12:00 noon.

All moneys raised from the markets benefit various charities (including Lions Foundations) and the local community.

New stallholders most welcome – see below for further information.

4 Easy Ways to book a stall at The Hub Markets

  1. Complete the Stallholder Application Form (click here)
  2. Phone 0429 192 149 – The Hub Markets Co-ordinator can take the booking over the phone or arrange to email you an application form; or
  3. Email
  4. To download a PDF copy of the Information Pack for New Stallholders please click here


If you are intending to operate a stall at The Hub Markets you must book in advance with the Co-ordinator. See information box on how to book a site. If you are not a regular stallholder you must see the Co-ordinator at the Red Administration Marquee adjacent to the entrance of the market area to be shown to your site. Allocation of sites can vary from month to month depending on availability. We attempt to ensure that regular stallholders are allocated the same site each month.


There are a range of sites available at the markets—undercover and outdoor. Some sites have access to electricity and water. Sites are allocated to regular stallholders first. Casual stallholders are allocated sites subject to availability although we attempt to meet your requirements.

The gates to the Wingham Showgrounds are open from 5:30am on the day of the markets. Stallholders may commence setting up any time after that. You should be ready for trading by 8:00am. No vehicles may be moved within the market area between 8:00am and 12:00 noon (when the market is operating).


Site fees start from $30.00. Site fees are payable on the day. The Hub Markets Coordinator will collect fees during the course of the morning.


All stallholders are required to have a current Public Liability Insurance policy. If you have a current policy you will need to provide us with a copy of the Certificate of Currency when you first  attend (and subsequently when the policy is renewed).

If you do not have public liability insurance, the Lions Club of Manning River Inc maintains a General Liability Insurance policy for authorised stallholders. In order to be covered under this policy you must apply (Stallholder Application Form), be approved and pay a fee of $10.00. This fee is in addition to the site fee. If you wish to be covered under this policy, you must agree to its terms and conditions. The terms include an excess of $1,000 for each and every claim. Specific exclusions also apply — these are included on the application form.


The Lions Club of Manning River Inc has prepared guidelines for the smooth operation of the Hub Markets.

• Time 8:00 am to 12.00 noon. Gates open 5.30am to allow you sufficient time to set up. Please DO NOT pack up your stall before 12.00 noon as it turns customers away. No vehicles through the Gate before 12.00 noon. If you must leave before 12.00 noon please advise the organisers and carry or trolley your goods out. If you need to use a car in the Market area during Market times please ask for Lions members to escort your vehicle. Park in the public car park if it is essential that you leave before closing time. Vehicle movements are not permitted during Market hours 8 am to 12.00 noon

• All stallholders are required to have current Public Liability Insurance.

• Where a stallholder maintains their own insurance, a copy of the Certificate of Currency must be provided to the organisers.

• Where a stallholder does not hold current public liability insurance, they may apply to be covered by the General Liability Insurance policy maintained by the Lions Club of Manning River Inc that covers authorised stallholders for the day of the market. A fee of $10 (in addition to any site fee) applies. Stallholders should note that an excess of $1,000 applies for each and every claim under this policy and it is subject to specific exclusions.

• For bookings, cancellations, enquiries, changing nature or content of your stall phone 0429 192 149 (leave a message if unanswered) or if sufficient time exists send an email to

• REGULARS may have permanent site reservations where possible. Please advise if you are not coming or if this is not possible phone afterwards to keep your booking alive or risk losing your site. Failure to advise non attendance will jeopardize your permanent site booking.

• If you miss two consecutive markets without notification you will automatically lose your site

• Stall sites may be re-allocated after 7am. Late arrivals may be directed to a new site.

• Fees are negotiated at time of booking.

• In the case of cancellations due to inclement weather, (eg. rain) or showground requests, cancellations will be advised over Facebook, Radio 2RE and 2Bob. Ring the contact number if in doubt.

• Unload from roadways or designated areas without delay and remove your vehicle to the parking area. All vehicles must be removed before 8am from the main area and returned to car park. If your stall requires your vehicle please keep your vehicle close behind your stall area.

• It is important to respect the safety of others, and with this in mind, please ensure that nothing is left around your stall that could be a hazard to others. Tents and covers must be secure at all times. Tent pegs and ropes must not extend into pathways.

• All Gazebos are to be anchored safely and any ropes and pegs are to be marked to eliminate danger to the public.

• It is the responsibility of the stallholder to trade in accordance with Market, State and Local regulations.

• Loud product promotion by stallholders is not permitted.

• Please leave your site clean and tidy. Keep it tidy and attractive throughout the day. Domestic waste is to be placed in the Showground bins. Take boxes and packaging away with you.

• The right is reserved to refuse participation, or to request the departure of any stallholder at any time without disclosing the reason.

• By your attendance as a stallholder, you agree to comply with these Guidelines and any directions issued by the organisers.